Becky's teaching skills transcend mastery of the subject area. She brings insight, understanding and unconditional acceptance of the student which allows the student to discover his or her hidden talents and skills. She has a rare gift of teaching in the truest sense.
Celina Romero parent
Our son, while a high school senior at a competitive private school, has seen his grades soar as direct a response to the extra effort and assistance of Becky Fliss and her staff. Beyond just grades, the staff at the Austin Learning Center has shown him how to approach literature and science homework in a way that increases his understanding and comprehension of complex material. With their help he is also transforming his high school study habits into strong collegiate level skills that have assisted him in understanding the value of time management skills and the effectiveness of being prepared. Our son arrives home from study sessions enthusiastic about his increased ability to comprehend and contribute to the topics being discussed in his literature and English classes. Job well done and thank you Becky for making it happen.
Wes and Kathy Shimanek, parents
Becky Fliss has tutored three of our four children, each of them with very different needs and learning styles. She has been terrific with each of them, whether their needs be in mathematics, the sciences, or even-- occasionally--writing. As they (and now their mother and I) are fond of saying, "Becky knows almost everything and can do anything." She has a tremendous innate intelligence coupled with a great heart and sense of people. In short, she's a natural born teacher and one anyone would be fortunate to have in a classroom, much less one on one.
David Gaines, parent
Becky has been an inspiration to both of my daughters. Not only is Becky an incredible tutor but she understands their learning differences and takes the time to talk to them and me about this. She encourages them when they feel down or stressed. Becky goes above and beyond her job of tutoring. She cares about each student. Most importantly they are learning!!
Nancy Utkov, parent
Becky Fliss is an amazing person. I began working with her when I was in high school at St. Michael's Academy. She helped me to learn through visuals, problems and examples that she would come up with herself, and patience. She made me feel so comfortable and always made me feel like I could do anything, if I just put my mind to it. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a little extra help or a boost in the areas in which they struggle.
Beth Kopecky, student at Texas Tech University
My daughter loves going to tutoring. She does not feel that she goes because she is not capable. She goes because she likes getting the one-on-one attention that she deserves to be successful! Becky teaches in a way that helps my daughter to be successful in advanced mathematics classes and in the sciences. My daughter is consistently earning high marks due to the additional assistance she has received. I would recommend the Austin Learning Center to any student that wants and desires tutoring!
Pam Heins, parent
My son has had an opportunity to benefit from Ms. Fliss's excellent Algebra tutoring. Last month my son was struggling with his Algebra course, and we called Ms. Fliss to set up tutoring. Ms. Fliss has the unique capability of reaching students who don't express themselves verbally very well or they are hesitate to ask questions. Ms. Fliss initiated the questions necessary to get to the root of the problems my son was experiencing with Algebra, and he is currently doing very well in the course.
J. Jackson, parent
We have three children who have all enjoyed the privilege of working with, and learning from, Becky Fliss. She has been an inspiring teacher for each of them, even though each has different areas of learning need. We found Becky to be flexible and innovative in her individualized approach to learning, so she was very successful in helping our children to achieve good solid results in whatever they worked on. We have established a long and successful track record with Becky whereby she has helped our children acquire stronger skills whether it is on test-taking, SAT prep, course studies, or (perhaps most important of all) confidence building. We have been exceptionally pleased with the results, and we have recommended the Austin Learning Center to many othe rparents.
Norma Aguirre Gaines, parent
Last year one of my students attended Austin Learning Center after school to receive additional help on his math and reading skills. The center staff contacted me weekly to coordinate his program and was very receptive to my suggestions. I was very impressed with their commitment, caring and positive attitude. Not only have the student's academic skills improved, his self-confidence has also grown.
Irene Lee, 7th grade inclusion at Chisholm Trail Middle School
We have been clients of Austin Learning Center for the past four years. In that time, we have had our two daughters and three different exchange students in school. Our older daughter has learning differences and ADD, and among the other girls there is a variety of academic aptitude and interest. I cannot express to you strongly enough how much it has helped my students to have the assistance of Becky Fliss and her tutors at ALC. They have been knowledgable, positive, flexible and kind. Becky came along for us at a time when my older daughter was completely frustrated about school and had lost confidence in her ability to succeed. Becky got involved not only in teaching her the subject matter, but in working with the teachers and counselors to be sure everyone was focused on my child's best interests and academic success. Having been a teacher herself, Becky was able to speak as a peer, while still representing our student.
This child is now working with ALC to complete her ACT testing and the college admissions process. We are confident that she will be accepted at several of her preferred schools. Just as importantly, my child has learned how to seek out the support she needs for learning. She no longer hates the classroom! My gratitude for this assistance is boundless. It has allowed me to remove myself from daily interaction with the school on my child's behalf to a place of more appropriate parent support. This student now arranges her own class schedule, tutoring, transportation and study time, setting herself up for a smooth transition to college. It is nothing short of miraculous! For students who need less intervention, ALC has provided wonderful tutoring for a single subject or multiple subjects on a regular or as needed basis. We have found that having an established ALC tutoring time provides the support that most students need to maintain good grades without the stress of cramming or panic at finals time. We have found the tutors to be accepting of the variety of students we have brought them, regardless of the range of academic talent or interest on the part of the student. They have been friendly and fun, making tutoring time something the students do not dread. Instead they see it as a great way to get the work finished quickly and well, so that they can get back to sports or friends with a feeling of accomplishment.
Austin Learning Center is run and staffed by people of high character who love what they do. I only wish every student had the opportunity for this kind of support. Any prospective client family can be assured that their student will be treated with respect and warmth, and will leave ready to face school with renewed confidence. What more could you ask?
Melanie Barnes, parent
It's  no wonder you are ready to grow again since you are perpetually in high demand and always awesome!! You and your staff are so amazing, Becky! Incredibly responsive, flexible, concerned, compassionate, innovative and professional, you also love your students in a variety of ways! You are the dream team at ALC and we appreciate such great help!! Thank you again and again!

- With sincere gratitude
Ann Seeker, parent
To Whom It May Concern:
A quick background: I work at a parochial high school here in Austin, Texas, whose students live in the city as well as the surrounding communities.
I met Becky Fliss in 2001 when she came here to my school to observe our classes. Although she was working with our geometry teacher and department head at the time, I saw that she was a friendly, helpful, and competent teacher. She always stepped forward and volunteered to help out our other teachers.
After Becky founded Austin Learning Center, I quickly determined that she was going to be a great asset to my students who were struggling with the more difficult topics endemic to the Algebra 2 curriculum. First of all, she has been respectful of the time involved in tutoring by providing students with tutors who lived closest to them. Secondly, she maintained contact with me to ensure that her tutors "mirrored" my classroom presentation, thereby keeping a similar face to the students. And, if any questions arose, she never hesitated in contacting me. Our goals were similar: to do what was best for my students.
Because of these business practices, I have always kept a high opinion of Austin Learning Center. And whenever anybody asks for an outside tutor, I always recommend them.
Chuck Yarling, teacher
Well, we did it. The "Matt project" was successfully completed when I watched Matt walk across that stage at St. Edwards Convocation center this past Saturday and accept his diploma. Words cannot express my gratitude to you, Becky for the 3 years of support, patience and optimism you showed Matt and me as we worked through the challenges. Not only did you work miracles for Matt, you also helped me learn how to be a better dad and "Mr. Mom". I know you run a business just as I do, but your exceptionally caring "human business model" is something I have never seen before. I am a better person and dad because of what you have shown Matt and me.
- With extreme gratitude and thanks,
Milt Martin, parent