Study Skills Coaching

At Austin Learning Center, we know many students who have a hard time staying organized, struggle to manage time, and need help figuring out how to become a better student. Our students are busy, often juggling many commitments and demands. We help these students to prioritize and organize so that they use their time wisely. In turn, they get the grades and test scores that they need while balancing the other things that are important in their lives.

Our tutors are available to work with students on an individual basis to improve their study skills. We typically teach these skills within the context of a student's current course load. Using this method, students learn how to manage their particular courses and how to best organize their workload. Tutors also use the Success for Students program, a curriculum that helps students improve key study skills, including time management.

Academic achievement and long-term academic success depend on more than just knowledge of school subjects; study skills sessions therefore complement academic tutoring. Students may be mastering the concepts in their coursework but missing the very important organization component. In this case, study skills coaching is effective by itself.

At ALC, our students master:
Test-taking skills
Use of a planner
Prioritizing tasks
Strategies for memorization
Time management
Text anxiety
Learning style