We have formed strong working relationships with the students and schools in our local area, and we appreciate the opportunity to help others in our community when times are difficult regardless of a student's ability to pay. We currently offer a limited number of scholarships each semester to students who have experienced a significant loss, illness or other extenuating circumstance. We realize that students are under many demands, and we know that events in their lives can directly affect their ability to learn, attend school, or perform in the classroom. Private tutoring can help students fill in any gaps and get back on track. We will assist with missed work, make-up exams, and current coursework. We will enable the student to make and carry out a plan for success, despite the challenges in his or her life. We often work closely with teachers to monitor progress.

Students are considered for scholarships through recommendations from a teacher or counselor. Educators who are aware of a student in need are encouraged to contact our office to recommend their student for a scholarship.