Credit Recovery

Austin Learning Center provides a credit recovery solution for public and private schools. Our team will work with individual schools to meet the requirements of that particular school. Thorough documentation and necessary paperwork is completed promptly and thoroughly by Austin Learning Center staff and submitted to the school.

Credit recovery for a failed course:

Austin Learning Center provides an option for credit recovery for students who have lost credit in a single course due to illness, absence, academic difficulty, or other extenuating circumstance. In order to enter into a credit recovery contract, the school and parents must agree that credit recovery through Austin Learning Center is an appropriate option for the student. Austin Learning Center provides a detailed instructional plan, and credit is ultimately granted by the school upon successful completion of classwork/homework and a final exam. Austin Learning Center will tailor the student's credit recovery needs in an one-on-oneenvironment and will provide flexible scheduling options. The learning goals and outcomes will engage students in project-based and hands-on learning to maximize learning and long-term comprehension. After a credit recovery program is completed, it is the expectation that the student should be academically prepared to continue into the subsequent coursework at his or her school. Educators are encouraged to contact Austin Learning Center for more information. Credit recovery typically takes place in the summer, preparing students to move on to the next grade level in the fall. Students who have utilized this option have done well in their coursework the following school year.

Credit Recovery due to low attendance:

Austin Learning Center provides an option for credit recovery for students who have lost credit in a course or courses due to a lack of attendance. Students may gain attendance hours for participation in targeted tutorials. Austin Learning Center currently offers this to public and private schools in the Austin area.