Our Philosophy

The mission of Austin Learning Center is to empower every student to achieve his or her personal best. We strive to be a valuable component of each student's educational process. While we pride ourselves on having a staff that is extremely talented at connecting with their students and teaching their areas of expertise, the true value of our tutoring is done by matching the student with a tutor who will inspire and empower them. We believe that the relationship between tutor and student fosters academic success and has a meaningful impact on long-term development of the student. We hope that we positively impact every family that we work with and contribute to each student's long-term academic success, self-confidence, motivation, and independence.

Our business model at Austin Learning Center is one that puts the students and their families at the forefront of all that we do; this continues to be a distinguishing factor in the way that Austin Learning Center conducts business. Every member of our team cares about our mission and works together to see it carried out. We know that the most important thing to a parent is their child, and we both value and appreciate the opportunity to take part in each student's education.